Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure Mounting Options

By | October 13, 2010

Digital Signage Side Wall Mount.

When any digital signage hardware is installed, no matter if it is indoors or outdoor digital signage sometimes you have to mount over an almost impossible void, let us guide you through this.

Some times in an installation the ceiling is too high and the floor is too far down such as in a shopping mall or over the escalators, with the need to mount the display at a set height the only option available is to mount the unit from a side wall.

The only issue here is that the weakest link is the mounting between the wall the mount, so getting this correct is paramount. As these mounts bolt to the wall using anchor bolts in the mounting plate and this had a heavy duty re-enforced arm that is positioned in the right position and locked into place then the display is added.

Outdoor digital signage installation.

The same process is used for outdoor digital signage, however the anchor bolts are usually more substantial as the total weight of the hardware in LCD monitor enclosures can be up to a massive 180lbs, in turn the mount is manufactured from heavy gauge steel providing a solution that is robust and will withstand the elements.

Normally for outdoor installation the mounting units come in 2 parts, the first is bolted to the wall then the other is bolted to the rear of the LCD enclosure using special anti theft bolts, then both parts are matched up and connected providing a solution that is resilient to theft as well as the elements.

There are numerous varieties of mount from floor mounts, ceiling mounts, flat wall mounts, angled wall mounts and cantilevered wall mounts, giving the audio visual installer total control over the installation process.

Many of the mounts feature cable raceways were the power and feed cables can be fed to make the installation look complete without any cables hanging loose.

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