Outdoor digital signage enclosure for waterproof and weatherproof solutions.

By | April 20, 2012

Outdoor digital signage enclosure.

An outdoor digital signage enclosure is a protective housing that provides both waterproof and weatherproof protection, allowing any regular television to be used outdoors.

When is an outdoor digital signage enclosure used?

outdoor digital signage enclosure

Example of an outdoor digital signage enclosure

These outdoor LCD enclosure solutions are used for many purposes, from putting a TV outdoors near a hot tub, or by using them in outdoor locations for outdoor digital signage. So let us look at each solution separately.

Digital signage enclosure – this is when either an LCD or plasma screen is used for advertising, (the content is called digital signage). These units can be located in locations such as train stations, ferry terminals, airports, sidewalks, car lots and even in car washes!

Protection needed – an outdoor digital signage enclosure needs to be weatherproof, this means that snow, rain and the sun should not have any effect on the screens. They also provide a waterproof solution such as rain, washing them down with a jet wash and even putting the LCD enclosure in a car wash so the occupants of vehicles being washed can be entertained whilst their vehicle is being washed.

These outdoor waterproof enclosure solutions come complete with waterproof IP65 cable grommets to prevent water ingress through the cable apertures, the doors are sealed with a waterproof seal and the viewing window is secured with a security close form cell security tape that prevents the viewing window being prized from the steel door and also provides a waterproof seal on the window.

An outdoor weatherproof enclosure is another word for an outdoor digital signage enclosure, these are also fitted with internal heating and cooling systems that self-regulate, so they only cool or heat when the internal temperature inside the LCD enclosure drops below or rises above the temperature set on the thermostat.

Outdoor LCD enclosure solutions can be seen in many locations from Disneyland Florida, Alton Towers – UK and Wet n Wild in Florida. These are used to entertain people in the queues that results in a perceived shorter time in the queue than actual time.

No matter what you call them, these outdoor weatherproof enclosure units or outdoor digital signage enclosure solutions will be seen by many in the coming months at the 2012 London Olympics.

We manufacture a range of LCD enclosures that are used as outdoor digital signage enclosure units.