Outdoor Digital Signage, Atomic Clocks And Fresh Content

By | February 23, 2011

Outdoor digital signage needs fresh content to survive.

No mater if you are using an outdoor digital signage network or just a single digital poster, these units all have one common component built into the heart of the media player – an atomic clock.

An atom clock is an electronic device that synchronises itself throughout the world, each computer has a type of atomic clock, ever wondered how the computer mains the correct time? This is due to the clock confirming the correct time with a central clock online, so any device that has the capability of going online has the capability of maintaining a timeline.

outdoor digital signage

Why is this so important in outdoor digital signage?

Well in outdoor digital signage timing is everything, imagine you had a product and wanted to get it out to the masses before your competition, what would happen if you launched it locally, then spread the launches over the globe? It is certain one of your competitors would see the demand and try and launch their own press release, causing yours to fail.

Product launch.

So if you have a new product or service that needs publicising and you are using your own outdoor digital signage network you can set a time and date when the launch will take place and simultaneously the dynamic adverts will go live so everyone is aware of your launch.

New special deals.

When ever you have surplus stock you can hit the button on the update software and launch a new deal of the day throughout the network of signs, this will certainly increase the awareness of the products availability to your consumers.

An atomic clock forms part of the media player,  so even a digital poster can be updated through a wireless connection and scheduled to power on and off at set times, all controlled by the inbuilt clock.

Understanding how either an indoor or outdoor digital signage system works will be essential in the coming years as more and more organizations are investing in some form of digital signage hardware to promote their products.

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