Outdoor Digital Signage – Protection in Winter

By | October 1, 2010

Restaurants and bar owners are now building up to one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year – the Holidays, but are they truly ready?

Remember the summer watching the FIFA world cup at the bar or seeing the results in the local restaurant when you where dining? Now it seems so long ago, but the memories are still there, of meeting friends having a drink and watching the game, but now as our thoughts turn to Christmas, things are about to change.

For the restaurant and bar owners, the summer was a profitable time due to the fact that most bars and restaurants had the facility to watch the games so people had an excuse to go out and dine, spending time and sharing food with the ones they love, but always knowing that they could catch up with the latest soccer results, or the latest Lakers score.

Many large chain of restaurants decided to install their outdoor televisions under cover and mounted the screens from beneath the cover above the diners, this provided perfect cover from the weather, especially when the restaurants where located in states that rain was very seldom seen, but now winter is coming and the business owners have now to decide to close down their outdoor eating areas for the winter or to deploy the relevant heating for their patrons and the outdoor digital signage.

Just like humans, the digital signage hardware needs protecting from the cold, if not the screens can end up just like someone who has been left out in the cold and is suffering from exposure, exposure is a critical time and if not treated quickly can result in death to a human being, now the same cold weather can kill the digital outdoor signage solution.

If you lived in Canada and you knew the temperatures got as low as -30 Fahrenheit, would you go out in T-shirt and shorts? What would happen – well I think we know, don’t we. This is the same as leaving a digital signage solution outdoors without the relevant heating.

LCD Enclosure Global have been manufacturing protective enclosures for the past 20 years and their digital outdoor signage enclosure comes with the facility to add a heater to have total control over the internal temperatures of their enclosures, providing an operating temperature range of -30 to 150 Fahrenheit.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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