Outdoor Digital Signage – Prevent Screen Damage

By | November 8, 2010

Outdoor Digital Signage – Eliminating Damage To Digital Signage Monitors.

Outdoor digital signage – protecting your investment.

Outdoor digital signage is deployed outdoors, however we are all aware of how fragile the screens are, if you have ever had an LCD or plasma screen, you will know they are considerably thinner and the slightest bang can smash the screen and render the TV useless.

Have you ever asked friends and family about their new flat screen TV when they have young children, you will see that a plasma or LCD television is easily damaged, this could be from your child’s favourite toy or a gaming consoles handset accidentally hitting the screen.

Now a commercial screen that is used for digital signage can cost in excess of $2,500 per screen so protection is a prerequisite, otherwise it is quite pointless in deploying the costly screens if they are not protected.

Now imagine the hazards when you place a commercial display outdoors, you have the chance some hooligan will through a rock or stone at the screen and if it hits the TV, you are sure to have an expensive replacement cost, however on the other hand if the screen is enclosed in an LCD enclosure, this will provide all the protection needed, especially if the unit is fitted to a wall high up at say 12 feet from the sidewalk.

Outdoor digital signage protect with an LCD enclosure

Sunlight Issue.

There are several problems to watch for first there is the sunlight as if the screen is placed too near the front of the enclosure the heat build up will over a period of time start killing the pixels in the screen causing the screen to fail before it should.


An LCD enclosure must have a UV filtered viewing window; this will filter out most of the harmful UV rays that kill the pixels and another point is the screen must have a minimum of 2” gap between the screen and the door otherwise this gap will trap the heat and it will not dissipate.

Vandalism Issue.

When you leave outdoor digital signage unattended in remote locations, there is a huge chance they will get vandalised if there is no protection.


An outdoor digital signage enclosure offers different solutions against vandalism, standard units that are designed to be mounted from ceilings or high up on walls, keeping everything out of arms way, preventing vandals from spray painting the screen.

Then there is the locks, look out for outdoor digital signage enclosures that are fitted with high security door locks as most manufacturers fit standard locks that are easily opened by a screwdriver.

Let us consider the viewing window, now when deploying digital outdoor signage solutions in high risk areas you need to also upgrade the viewing window thickness, we at LCD Enclosures Global provide these in thicknesses up to and including ¾” (19 mm).

LCD Enclosure Global – Providing outdoor digital signage protection.