Outdoor Digital Signage – Gain More Customers For Your Dollar

By | December 29, 2010

Outdoor digital signage solutions.

Outdoor digital signage is the major growth industry to be in, with the development of new technology the solutions are becoming more innovative and unique enabling businesses to advertising in areas and to specific types of customers for a lesser cost than historical advertising solutions.

We have all see the massive electronic advertising billboards at the side of the road, now there is a more cost effective solution for outdoor digital signage and this is the flexible video wall.

What is a flexible video wall? Another outdoor digital signage solution

Well this is a mass of LED diodes that are wired together to form an area 1 metre wide x 5 metres long with over 2,500 LED’s per 1 square metre section, what this does is provide a vivid colour (life like), but the benefits do not stop there, as well as providing a massive image or video presentation they also reduce costs.

Ok back to the beginning, these diodes are on a flexible backing, so they can be rolled up or folded, reducing storage space, normally in the case of music festivals enormous video walls are made from baying together thin bezel screens, then the image and video is tiled across the screens using sender and receivers.

Fitting a video wall.

Normally a video wall at a music concert can take up to 4 hours for 2 men to assembly, this flexible video wall, can from taking it out of the box to running a test video take up to 60 minutes, what a cost saving in man hours. Rather than having to mount the heavy screens to the support structure all you need to do with a flexible video wall is connect the top of the video wall to clamps on the top rig then attach clamps at the sides and bottom, pulling the tensioning straps on the back of the video wall taking up any slack.

Storing a video wall.

Unlike the conventional video wall and the issue of storing large flat panel screens and the mounting frames, a flexible video wall reduces storage and transportation costs by 80%, due to the ability for the product to be stored in a roll or folded up.

Now a flexible video wall that is perfect for all weather conditions except snow – but who would want to be out in sub zero temperatures watching adverts?

These waterproof and dustproof solutions are as competitively priced as a regular outdoor digital signage solution with the added benefit that if the location is to be moved on a regular basis cost savings in labours time as well as storage and transportation costs will prove the flexible video wall as a perfect advertising medium for tradeshows, exhibitions, football stadiums, music concerts, demonstrations and rallies.

To recap.

It is reported that anyone using a flexible video wall over a regular thin bezel video wall solution will save 80% on installation time, will use 80% less space for storage as well as saving 80% on transportation costs. The initial investment is around the same as the old technology of the thin bezel video wall but any installer or event organiser can see the opportunities with this product.

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