Outdoor digital signage – from totem to video wall

By | June 15, 2011

Outdoor digital signage – solutions for all businesses. 

Outdoor digital signage can be anything from a huge video wall installation to a more modest outdoor digital signage totem, but they all have their own importance as outdoor digital signage solutions. 

Outdoor digital signage Video wall.

There are two types of video wall, the first is a sectional unit that has the LED bulbs fitted into them and they are mounted into a steel frame. The other is a flexible video wall, this is a material based solution that has the LED bulbs wired into the material and allows the video wall to be rolled up and even folded without breaking. 

These two solutions both have unique features as they provide outdoor digital signage opportunities anywhere, one main advantage of the flexible video wall is that there are savings on several fronts, such as installation time is down on the sectional video wall by 80%, due to the flexibility of the outdoor digital signage wall this saves 80% on transportation costs. 

The flexible video wall is ideally suited when the installation is moved on a regular basis, such as at a music festival or concert, this is when the cost savings really kick in.

outdoor digital signage video wall

However, the venues that this type of outdoor digital signage solution is deployed will certainly have a high foot fall and the clients are more likely to pay for this solution.

Now a small to medium business may not be able to afford the above outdoor digital signage solution and could possibly look at an outdoor digital signage totem

These units are bolted to the floor in outdoor areas and the screen can be mounted in landscape or portrait depending on how the customer wants to display the content. 

The outdoor digital signage totem comes with the option to have a touch screen or a regular non touch. This is due to some clients wanting to engage with their customers through their advertising campaigns.

outdoor digital signage totem

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