Outdoor Digital Signage – Coping with extreme cold and extreme heat

By | April 30, 2010

Outdoor digital signage hardware needs protecting from the elements, such as snow, ice and extreme heat, anyone of these elements can bring a digital signage campaign to its knees.

Throughout the world, ski resorts are looking to market their services and to do this they are investing in digital signage, this is perfect for any indoor applications were a digital poster or digital menu board can be used. However things get a lot more complicated when you move outdoors where the temperature can drop to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

So the options are either a sealed, weatherproof sun bright TV or a standard LCD display and an outdoor LCD enclosure.

The IP65 sealed TV works straight out of the box, however the costs can run in between 3 and 6 thousand dollars.

The ideal LCD enclosure is sealed to IP65 (European weatherproofing standard) and NEMA 4X (US weatherproofing standard) and features a thermostatically controlled heater and cooling system as standard for extreme external temperatures, offering a solution for a temperature range of -30 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then the viewing window has to have a special anti glare or reflective coating fitted, so the screens can be seen even in direct sunlight, any other solution is a problem waiting to happen.

The price for an LCD enclosure should be in the region of eleven hundred dollars depending on the size and specification. Once you add the cost of an LCD display, the solution becomes a lot more attractive than a dedicated outdoor display and a lot less noisy.

Noise issues with outdoor screens is due to the fact they have large refrigeration units on the rear of the TV set to keep them cool or warm and if the sound on the TV is low, people occasionally have difficulty in hearing the screen.

Make sure you take an impartial look at the solutions on offer and get the best solution you can afford.

We at LCD Enclosure Global have been manufacturing a range of outdoor LCD enclosure for such applications and we have supplied many Canadian and American ski resorts with protective outdoor TV cases, proving our solution works in temperatures as low as -30 and as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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