Outdoor digital menu board totem For QSR outdoor advertising solutions

By | March 11, 2012

Outdoor digital menu board totem solution.

Outdoor digital menu board totem solutions are increasingly being used by Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) as these allow the management to deploy dynamic advertising outdoors at a fraction of the cost for an outdoor kiosk.

Why use an outdoor digital menu board totem?

Any fast food outlet will be certainly be considering advertising outdoors, especially when the customer is in the drive-ins queue, this accomplished two things, the first is to market new products to the consumer and at the same time it helps in reducing the perceived wait time, this is called time warping. It occurs when a consumer is entertained during their wait in line then when they receive their order they think the time passed quickly.

What does an outdoor digital menu board totem consist of?

outdoor digital menu board totem

outdoor digital menu board totem

These units consist of a floor standing steel case and depending upon the location, for example near the beach or harbor location these units would be manufactured from stainless steel. These stainless steel LCD enclosures provide all the protection from the elements. Otherwise the unit is made from rolled steel then powder coated in an external grade coating solution.

Inside the digital signage totem is an internal mounting frame in a portrait position that will accommodate most commercial grade screens with a VESA pattern up to and including 400 x 600, here there is room for a media player or a small form factor PC that will store the content locally and if a networked solution is required the unit has the facility to hard wired up to digital signage network or a wireless network.

All power and data requirements are fed through the base of the digital signage totem unit up into the main section through cable raceways, ensuring that both the data and electric cables do not run parallel as this will cause the date stream to run rather slow.

All year round advertising with an outdoor digital menu board totem.

These outdoor advertising units are equipped with both thermostatic heating and cooling systems that will cope with temperatures from -20 to 150 Fahrenheit, should an application require an air conditioning unit this can be fitted at an extra cost.

If you haven’t seen this solution before, you will very soon as some major QSR chains have plans to deploy the outdoor digital menu board totem units in various states across America and Canada.

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