Outdoor Digital Advertising And Measuring Digital Signage Success

By | January 11, 2012

Outdoor digital advertising – measuring success.

Outdoor digital advertising is modern way to promote a brand, company or product, but it is essential to be able to measure digital signage solutions for their success.

Outdoor digital advertising solutions.

outdoor digital advertising

These solutions are unique in that they are robust enough to withstand the outdoor climate, so if the weather drops to a finger number sub zero temperature in winter and a roasting 130 Fahrenheit in the summer. The main components are usually some form of screen, a media player and an LCD display enclosure to protect the hardware from the extreme weather, as the extreme climates can harm the outdoor digital advertising solutions.

Monitoring outdoor digital signage.

But one thing is for certain, for an outdoor digital signage solution to succeed, the integrator needs to be able to demonstrate to the advertising client who and what type of people they are marketing too. Previously, this has been done with people noting down the demographics that the digital content attracted, however this was costly in both time and money, now outdoor digital advertising can be monitored and recorded.

One solution to monitor outdoor digital advertising campaigns.

If the advertising campaigns are not monitored, they could for your clients knowledge be in low foot fall area, resulting in a poor ROI (Return On Investment). There is a software solution that does all you need and more and you can even provide your clients with up to date data on who is viewing their digital adverts. Using this software takes the guess work out of who to target with the adverts.

How does the software work – tracking the outdoor digital advertising campaigns.

Simply a standard web camera or IP camera is fitted to the screens and then when anyone walks past and stops, it records their sex, how long they viewed the ad and even if they just carried on walking. This way the advertiser can target the age group and sex more efficiently, making the marketing campaign laser targeted.

The cost for the software is certainly an excellent investment as well as a good tool to demonstrate to clients how their adverts are being received by the target audience. Now the advertisers can tweak their ads to make them more successful and book knowledge of their product, brand or company.

A trial of the software can be downloaded here so give it a try and report back on how you found it.

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