OSHPD compliant digital signage

By | December 22, 2015

Sourcing OSHPD compliant digital signage.

OSHPD compliant digital signage can be a challenge, how can a digital sign that’s 40” in size be less than 20lb mounted to a wall? Now ProEnc have the solution!

ProEnc – OSHPD compliant digital signage.

ProEnc have a long background in providing various digital signage solution around the world, from airports to shopping malls and most recently to hospitals in their anti ligature TV enclosures. This is when an inquiry was made to ProEnc regarding an OSHPD compliant digital sign that was 40”.

Now this was something, ProEnc had never experienced before, as usually the only restrictions are space for the screens and budget, but this was a challenge the COE took up and Graham came up with a solution!

OSHPD compliant digital signage

What is OSHPD?

The anagram stands for Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development in the state of Californian. This is a body of professionals who agree what policies are needed throughout the health care facilities across the State. A full link can be found at http://www.oshpd.ca.gov

Because California is an earthquake area, this is one of many requirements for the hospitals, that any digital signage or TV that is wall mounted has to be no more than 20lbs including the mount.

ProEnc’s solution.

So ProEnc looked at how they could make a solution, they found that they could supply a 40” wall mounted digital sign with a built in media player that weighed in at only 16lbs with a mount weighing only 3lbs. Making the solution weighing less than the magic 20lbs to comply with the OSHPD requirements.

Other sizes are available, with the 40” being the largest size of digital signage for wall mounted applications, ProEnc also offer a wide range of floor mounted solutions that can be bolted to the floor, to prevent toppling in the likelihood of an earthquake.

The screen can be mounted in either landscape or portrait on a 200 x 200 VESA mount, the digital sign comes with a built in networked enabled media player that plays all the most popular formats and can be updated using any computer in any location, just by opeing a web browser to login and monitor the software.

If you require a OSHPD compliant digital signage solution, contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your requirement.

ProEnc offer a 40” wall mounted solution that is OSHPD compliant digital signage.