Open Source Digital Signage Software Made Available for Tablet POS

By | September 24, 2013

Open Source Digital Signage Software For Tablet POS

OSS is a cost effective way for endorsing a product or facility for open source digital signage software which is now available for tablet POS (point of sale). As stated by the definition in Wikipedia, it is computer software with the source code readily available and the copy right licence allows the software to be downloaded, changed, altered, updated and distributed virtually freely throughout the internet. Using this type of software on an electronic tablet, particularly at POS, is a revolutionary and innovative way of creating add-on sales right up to the last possible moment as the customer hands over their card or cash.

Digital signage using tablets

open source digital signage software

Tablet devices are a multifunctional and straight forward way of endorsing merchandise or a service, directly to a prospective consumer. The use of an electronic tablet, smart phone or similar gadget has become part of our daily lives; as we put on our shoes, we pick up our iPad and head out to work. Open source software is a commercial way of using a computer program, without the extravagant costs of having a program specifically written for your purpose. These are widely available on the internet, through search engines, by just typing in the key words. Most OSS is actually free, whilst others are considerably reduced in cost and they are all adaptable, changeable and fairly easy to navigate to suit your advertisement for digital signage. Whilst the majority are free, they may request a donation towards costs, but because of the amount of users, the software is cost effective to publish.

The benefits of open source digital signage software and electronic tablets

Electronic tablets are a multi-purpose and multi-touch personal computer; based on the third generation Intel Core processor platform, which can be used as digital signage, which is ideal for use within a retail store, particularly at POS. There are various screen sizes – certainly one will suit your application, has 3G, 4G and WiFi selections, and are suitable for both Windows and Android operating systems. The simplicity of the tablet and associated (free) software encourages retailers to utilize and embrace the world of digital signage to encourage more sales. Digital signage is changing the way we shop and is displayed in a pioneering and enlightening way. It has become a new format of our retail experience, which merges interactivity and e-commerce resources with in-store promotions. This widens the possibilities for future advertisement and development of open source digital marketing. Also it provides the retailer with accurate analysis of sales and revenue.

POS marketing

One negative point to make is the risk of theft, but this is easily challenged by fitting a tablet device into a frame or surround, which still enables the customer to use the hardware to investigate his purchase, whilst making the tablet secure – limiting damage and theft. More and more, retailers have been encouraged to interact with their customers in a more modern way; as in mobile communications. This is where tablets are a popular choice of gadget. It enriches the shopping experience for customers, who are then able to check stock within the store – there and then, select color options, sizes and even style alternatives – all in a versatile format. Locating a tablet at the POS is the last opportunity for the customer to make an additional purchase.

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