On vehicle digital signage gearing up

By | September 24, 2014

On vehicle digital signage solutions.


On vehicle digital signage is an area that is growing extremely fast, with many companies trying to offer a solution but failing. Discover the solutions that are working and working well.

Transit on vehicle digital signage.

on vehicle digital signage

As you can imagine taxi digital signage, in a major city such as Manhattan New York, can be very lucrative, for ad agencies selling space.  One cell provider Verifone operates around 90 cabs in New York, sell the advertising space in blocks of 15 seconds, forming an advertising loop of 120 seconds. Once thing is certain, advertising on these will not be cheap!

Public bus and coach transportation has had many years’ experience selling printed ads that are mounted to the side of the vehicle, now using on vehicle digital signage, they can now offer digital advertising solutions.

With talk of vehicles such as paramedics, fire and police vehicles having on vehicle advertising solutions, this may be a step too far! Next we may be asking the Major of New York to wear a digital lapel sign!

Not many players in the market!

When seeking out an on vehicle digital signage solution provider, you will find they are thin on the ground. The reason is that not many providers have the experience or knowledge to provide a digital signage solution that will work in these extreme conditions.

For example the housing has to withstand all the weather conditions form scorching heat to freezing cold. It has also have incorporated in the design anti vibration mounts that prevent any damage to the internal hardware, such as the display and media player.

That brings us on to the displays, using a regular display is not good enough, it will fail almost immediately! The best solution is a sun bright display these come in brightness’s up to and including 10,000 candelas, that equates to 33 times the brightness of a home display.

These basic components form the base of the solution, if the screen fails or cannot be seen during the day, then the advertisers are not getting a fair return on their investment. lcdtvenclosure.com provide a complete solution that carries a 2-3 year warranty and is rather cost effective.

Bus digital signage.

These are usually constructed from LED video wall panels and depending on the location of use, the brightness can be turned up or down to combat the extreme brightness of the sun. Many organizations have tried and failed to provide a digital signage for vehicles, you may ask yourself why? Well mobile or on vehicle digital signage is said to worth an estimated $15 million by 2017, with the revenue earning potential of $63 million per annum.

Funding for vehicle mounted digital signage.

Another challenge is finding a fund manager to understand the innovative design and usage to fund the project, as the hardware can be costly, especially if are looking at 100 vehicles. There are a few of them out there, but we may touch on that in another article.

Get ready to spot the first on vehicle digital signage solution in your area.