OLED’s have overtaken LCD TV sales in the last 12 months.

By | July 17, 2009

After rising in sales at an unexpected rate, LCD televisions over took plasma TV sales two years ago, however it has been disclosed that the sales will increase 1 percent each year on previous sales according to Display Search Quarterly Worldwide FPD Forecast Report.

However, the second quarter of 2009 forecast has indicated that Flat Panel Displays sales will decline 20 percent on 2008 figures. The worldwide down turn has had some impact on these figures. However 2010 is more optimistic with an estimated growth of 13 percent.

OLED’s are forecast to increase 140 percent from 2008 to 2016, due to the high use in digital signage TFT LCD’s displays is also set to grow 20 percent to hit a final annual figure of $3 billion.

The end is in sight or the old CRT television, as most manufacturers are stopping production later this year when the last will come off the production line in January 2010.

Display Search have forecast that price declines and commodity demands for screens less than 50 inches will impact sales, with LCD TV’s still being the main focus for most manufacturers.

This is good news for the digital outdoor signage market, as there should be some good bargains out there soon, making it perfect time to put an LCD TV outdoors in gardens so people can watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup, but they will also need to protect the TV from theft, so they should ideally house the TV in an LCD enclosure.

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