Non Loop TV Solution For Psychiatric Units And Prisons

By | May 28, 2010

As a community we all have a responsibility for the duty of care for people who are less fortunate than ourselves, for example people who are in jails, prisons or mental health units.

There are several key issues; the first is protecting the people in our care from self harm, this can be due to their mental health. This could have been brought on by stress or even a chemical in balance in their mind, but they all need our care irrelevant of what is wrong.

The second issue is to protect equipment that is deployed in a mental health unit, this can be a TV or even a radio, and this is where one company has specialized in protecting flat panel televisions. Their range of non loop LCD TV enclosure provides the relevant protection for both the patient and the hardware.

Now the only real solution to deploying a flat screen TV into a caring environment is to put the display into a non loop television enclosure. These offer a complete solution for cable access into the rear of the unit, so the unit can be either flush mounted to the ceiling or even fitted in the middle of a wall without any risk of self harm.

The unit is locked with approved safe locks, resisting the most determined attempt to gain access through force; the screen is fitted with a heavy duty mounting frame and fixings to prevent heavy objects damaging the screen inside.

Even remote controls can be used from one area to switch all the screens off through one wing of a prison or hospital ward. There are options that can be fitted such as a special switch for patients to be able to change channel, to fitting stereo speakers that conform to anti ligature and non loop standards.

So no matter what the size of screen is, it can be deployed can protected from 17” up to 72” displays. And at the same time caring for our community, not bad for a Friday. This unit has been developed from their standard range of weatherproof LCD enclosure and their LCD enclosure that are used for protecting outdoor digital signage.

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