Non Loop TV enclosure – LCD Enclosure Global have the solution

By | May 20, 2010

LCD Enclosure Global are the world leading manufacturers of outdoor digital signage enclosures, these protect the delicate hardware in environments that are sometimes so hostile it is difficult to imagine.

Their LCD enclosures have been deployed in Canada in temperatures that plummit to below -20 Fahrenheit as well as extremely high temperatures of  Texas that rise to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, now LCD Enclosures Global have done it yet again by working with several medical facilities to create the only true non loop TV enclosure that can be used in:

  • prisons
  • jails
  • psychiatric units
  • hospital departments
  • correctional facilities

“All the other LCD enclosures on the market do not tick all boxes to comply with International non loop LCD TV enclosure policies, now there is a solution.” Graham Gallagher owner of LCD Enclosure Global stated. “The problem with our competitors units is even when they are mounted on the wall a patient can self harm themselves, with our solution there is no chance of anyone harming.”

Unlike anything on the market this non loop TV enclosure or anti ligature tv enclosure can be mounted flush to the ceiling or even in the middle of a wall, whilst providing protection to the television and the patients.

For more details on this range please contact Graham on 888-460-3573 (toll free)

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