Non Loop-able TV Enclosures Used In The Medical Sector

By | November 9, 2009

With the introduction of LCD televisions in to the health industry, mainly due to the falling purchase costs – one part of the health sector have been looking for a solution in their mental health units, providing a non loop-able solution.

Even though LCD and plasma televisions are popular there are only 3 ways to mount them, firstly from the ceiling, secondly directly mounted off the wall and thirdly on a stand. But there are problems mounting them in psychiatric and mental health units, as the clients need to be protected form self harm and any normal mount can facilitate self harm.

One manufacturer of protective LCD enclosures, LCD Enclosure Global have developed a unit that is called an anti ligature LCD enclosure in Europe, also known as a non loop-able LCD TV enclosure in the USA.

The non loop-able TV enclosure has been developed with great input from European and American mental health professionals to design and manufacturer a unit that prevents clients from self harm.

If you would like to know more about their anti-ligature or non loop-able TV enclosure contact them directly (toll free) on 888-460-3573.

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