Non Loop-able LCD Enclosure From LCD Enclosures Global

By | January 20, 2011

Non Loop-able LCD enclosure

LCD Enclosures Global is the only company in the World to have Federal Approval for their non loop-able LCD enclosures, contact the leaders in the industries not the followers.

LCD Enclosures Global Success has been put down to their Managing Director’s forward thinking with an innovative design.

With the development of digital signage and the introduction of the flat screen TV into health care as well as prisons, these delicate pieces of electronics have to be protected from the hostile environment they are in.

Non loop-able LCD enclosure

non loop-able lcd enclosure

This is not your standard LCD enclosure used in a factory or outdoors for digital signage; this is a high security unit that features a robust solution that will withstand the most vicious of attacks from the most desperate of people.

This can be people who are on death row, or psychiatric patients in mental health units who self harm, this product protects the hardware and at the same time protects the patient from self harming. With it being the first non loop-able LCD enclosure for flat screen TVs in the world, the eyes of the world are watching the development of the non loop-able LCD enclosure.

Someone once told me, “any idiot can weld a box, but it is the special elements inside that make it successful.” This is why the design for a non loop-able LCD enclosure has been guarded and now our patented pending design has been awarded Federal approval for all mental health facilities as well as prisons and jails.

So what is the difference between a digital signage enclosure and a non loop-able LCD enclosure?

The first difference is that the solution is indoors where as digital signage or passenger information systems are deployed outdoors.

The second difference is that the leading non loop-able LCD enclosure solution is manufactured from thicker material and is fitted with a much thicker viewing window that has a rear support frame for additional support, should anything such as a chair be thrown at the screen.

The third major difference is that the locks on our non loop-able LCD enclosure are not the conventional cam locks as fitted by our competitors. The locks we use are high security locks and these are pick proof! Making access to the TV very hard unless you have authority to do so.

So if you want a top quality product at an affordable price, from the leading manufacture of non loop-able LCD enclosure contact LCD Enclosure Global.