NL26 Anti Ligature TV enclosures – The Popular Choice For Jails and Hospitals

By | May 9, 2017

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosures, are also known as suicide resistant TV enclosures, ligature resistant TV enclosures and jail grade flat screen television enclosures. But in the past 6 months ProEnc have seen a massive increase in the smaller NL26 housings.

ProEnc’s NL26 anti ligature TV enclosures

Made from steel, these units are designed to accommodate a flat screen television from 17” to 26” in size. What makes ProEnc’s unique is that their patent pending units have sloping sides on all 4 sides, preventing any material looping around the TV. Should anyone try to loop material around the housing, it will just slide off when tightened due to the units not being square – this took over 18 months to finalize with leading architects to the Federal Mental Health Department.
ProEnc have been making and supplying leading healthcare and law enforcement facilities with their protective enclosures for the past 3 years. These include;

  • Jails
  • Detention Centers
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Behavioural units
  • Homeland Security
  • Border Agency

ProEnc’s NL26 ligature resistant TV enclosure growth.

Supplying mainly the USA and Europe in the past, but from January 2017 they have seen Australia increase in demand for their range of NL26 ligature resistant TV enclosures with quantities in their 100’s.
In 2017 month on month growth has been at 25%, so much so ProEnc have made the decision to carry a great deal of stock of their most popular protective TV housings the NL26.

What separates ProEnc’s NL26 suicide resistant TV enclosures.

The design and strength of their design is why they are specified as the preferred solution in the industry. The steel housing comes complete with an internal TV mount, thermostatic cooling unit, thick unbreakable viewing windows in 2 thicknesses: ¼” for healthcare and 3/8” for jails. The unit is locked with 2 high security locks.

NL26 Anti ligature tv enclosures
No matter if your project is for a single enclosure or a much larger requirement for a jail, ProEnc will work with you to provide the most cost effective and robust solution for you. Don’t forget to use the discount coupon above.

Jail Grade TV enclosures

ProEnc have had over 15 requirements in the past 2 months for correctional grade television enclosures covering the entire USA.

These enclosures are designed to protect, meaning they are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the TV, usually if a TV is accessible it can be damaged and then used as a weapon on guards or nursing staff – with fatale results. If the TV is secured away this cannot happen and as a side result the unit cannot be used for self-harming.

If you want to discuss ProEnc’s NL26 anti ligature TV enclosures call them directly on (862) 234-5981 and they will be glad to assist.