NFL Stadium Deploys Digital Signage

By | October 1, 2013

Digital Signage Uses.

When the US NFL Candlestick Stadium, in San Francisco held a game in the 1960’s, promotional signage would have been traditional advertising hoardings with paper posters, but now many NFL stadiums deploy digital signage to endorse their fixtures, players, entertainment and other promotional information. Who could imagine that back in the 1920’s, in the early days of NFL, advertising would now be so advanced. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent on advertising and as a The National Football League is home to many popular teams, millions of supporters spend their hard earned cash in the various retail outlets. Food services are amongst the most popular, so it’s not surprising this is an area where digital advertising is most beneficial. Digital signage encompasses many forms, so finding the right one may be challenging, but it will be worth it as increased revenue is what it is all about.

Digital signage kiosks around every corner

Even though NFL stadiums are huge sites, the opportunity to install digital signage kiosks is most advantageous – foot traffic dictates the greatest benefit to retailers, as kiosks can lead a path directly to an outlet. Brand recognition and customer retention are key factors to digital advertising screens success. Promoting products and services brings added revenue and sponsorship to an already mega bucks industry, making the teams themselves high up on the financial ladder of profitable companies.

Indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks

indoor digital signage kiosk  outdoor digital signage kiosk

Despite there only being only 8 home games in a regular season for the football teams themselves, the stadium is often rented out for concerts and various public entertainments, foot traffic is still an important factor. Outdoor kiosks welcome customers to the stadium and entice them with promotional offers straightaway, whilst indoor kiosks continue the theme. Outdoor kiosks are specifically designed to withstand the weather elements; extremes of hot and cold, and are protected against damaging weather conditions like snow, rain, or even sand – depending upon the US state. Kiosks can not only display information about the team, games and retail opportunities, but also evacuation routes, weather circumstances or other emergency advice. Outdoor kiosks can additionally be interactive and act as way-finding devices and slipping in the odd advertisement supplements the income revenue, so the ROI can be recouped quickly.

Sponsorship in advertising

Lights, digital signs, electronic posters and giant video walls all add up to an electrical atmosphere to the build up of the game itself. Everything from a financial institution, dentist, through to in-house catering benefit from digital signage. Regular sponsors take advantage of the continuity of digital advertising and its ease of updating, amending and altering the content, so their advertisements are current and pertinent to current trends and demands.

So next time you are at a NFL stadium, look around and take note of who, what, when, where and why digital signage is maximizing profits.

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