New Hardware Used For Digital Signage

By | March 8, 2010

From time to time digital signage integrators are looking for a solution that can be rolled out throughout their customer base, once the solution has been proven. We have been involved with one particular integrator who needed a solution for protecting their split screens in outdoor locations and they are now pushing this through their customer base.

This digital outdoor signage integrator has developed a stretch screen that can be split into zones, so that video is played in one part, whilst the other zone is a static image of the brand (this in itself increases brand awareness). Zoning is not new to digital signage, however it is to stretch screens due to distortion of the images, however this integrator has overcome this issue.
digital advertising stretch screen

The solution we provided was to manufacture a custom case that protects the stretch screen from all the weather and potential vandalism as well as keeping the screen and networked media player cool at all times.

Our solution was to create a unique stretch screen enclosure that mounts all the hardware to the rear frame of the LED enclosure, this also accommodates the cooling and heating solution that prevents the screen from failing.

Once all the hardware is fitted, the front cover is fitted and secured into position, providing a weather proof and vandal proof solution.

This solution is set to revolutionise the way a “certain fast food restaurant” markets their products to customers, with their logo on the right hand side as a static image, whilst videos of promotion meals and drinks are looped through videos to the left hand side of the screen.

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