Monitor enclosures for factory information systems

By | June 7, 2010

Monitor enclosures are used to protect monitors and larger LCD screens when they are used for factory information systems. Without these protective cases, the factory information system could be brought to its knees within minutes.

Factory information systems are a very visual part of manufacturing life, without them the large screens and monitors would vanish over night from our production facilities. These screens vary in size from 17” up to and including 65” LCD displays, these have a high investment cost within a project so the do need to be protected, from everything including dust, fluid, truck drivers and heat.

Imagine if you had invested $50,000 in a data collection system only to find that the screens go down and have to be placed within a matter of weeks of commissioning the system, this would not look good for the project managers. So one of the forms of attack is defence (we have all heard that – haven’t we?).

So the best form of defence would be put all monitors that are on the production line into monitor enclosures, these are designed to accommodate both the screen and either a small factor PC, thin client or media player, so all the content can be pulled form a source locally, this is why anyone installing SAP or SCADA look at monitor enclosures as important parts of the chain, without them the project is as useless as if it had no software.

With the reduction of use of CRT screens, the old PC enclosures are being decommissioned and being replaced with thin client enclosures, these too accommodate a flat panel screen and a small computer, however with more large screens being used, this makes using 60” displays a real option for the project team to make the production information system a part of the factory environment.

A monitor enclosure is relatively new to the factory floor and will certainly be around for a number of years before they are superseded.

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