Modern Trade Show Digital Signage

By | January 4, 2016

Trade show digital signage.

Trade show digital signage is here, forget printed booths for your next trade show, these are old hat. Trade show digital signage has been proven to attract more customers to your booth than any other form of advertising.

Why trade show digital signage works.

What attracts prospects to a trade booth? Most of the visitor’s to trade shows are looking for something specific, however if your booth looks old fashioned with lack luster out of date printed signs, the prospect is going to go to a booth that has dynamic advertising media and shouts, “come and talk to us”.

Digital signage used at a trade show is so versatile that it can incorporate video, images and streaming news feeds all on one display at the same time. This is something that cannot be done with printed media.

Trade show digital signage has been proven to increase footfall to any booth using it and the digital signage can be an awesome method in which to capture attendees contact details, for example;

If the attendees are wearing a QR code, this could scanned with the digital sign and providing a touch screen digital sign is being used the attendee can then interact with a game or something that breaks the boredom up of attending a trade show. It also shows that your business is a forward thinking business using the latest technology and this will separate you from your competition.

Types of digital signage used at trade shows.

Wall mounted trade show digital signage can be mounted onto the booth structure to display advertising material to prospects who pass, whilst floor standing solutions can be built into the booth design and even be branded with a vinyl wraps to blend in with the booth design. These signs can also display your social media feeds, increasing your social media reach.

The size range for wall mounted digital signage starts from 32” and goes all the way up to 85”, this included 50”, 65” and 72”. The content can be updated manually throughout the show or remotely through a WIFI connection; the latter offers the greatest flexibility.

The interactive floor standing trade show digital signage comes in 40”, 46”, 50” and 65” and again the choices of updates is manual or remote using an Internet browser.

trade show digital signage

Media players are either Linux based or the most popular is Android, as they can display the best range of media formats.

The screens can be none touch or touch screens, if interaction with the prospects is required, usually this provides the best customer engagement and lets the customer to get the information they need, not what we think they need.

Protection of trade show digital signage.

These digital signs are fragile, so when shipping them to various trade shows, it is a wise decision to invest in the correct and popular protective method – the flight case.

digital signage transit casedigital signage flight caseA flight case is made from black timber that complies with all export requirements and has steel or aluminium corners and side supports, as well as handles. The units are usually mounted on casters, so they can be rolled into position easily without the possibility of dropping the signs and damaging them.

These have internal high density foam divides that protect the hardware once inside the case from vibration and any knows and bangs during transportation from one trade show to another. These are available in single or double cases.

For more details, contact ProEnc on 862-234-5981 to discuss flight cases and your trade show digital signage requirements.