Mobile Digital Signage Trends in 2013

By | June 24, 2013

Mobile Digital Signage Trends in 2013.

Mobile digital signage has become quite common nowadays and digital signage trends have been improving over the years. We can see proof of this everywhere we go. There are digital signage placed in train stations, schools, and shopping malls. We see taxi cab digital signage during our everyday commute to and from work, and now, there is even what is called wearable digital signage hardware which are essentially small digital screens you can pin on your shirt. Indeed, mobile digital signage and digital signage in general have provided for a fast and effective way to advertise and entertain.

Advertising Using Mobile Digital Signage.

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For the most part, mobile digital signage is used for quick advertising and information sharing. It is also a relatively inexpensive form of advertising compared to buying airtime advertising credits on TV and radio, and is more effective than sending informational packets by mail. In today’s media environment, dynamic images tend to be more appealing to consumers than static ones. The use of mobile digital signage makes it even easier for advertisers to display their messages to a targeted audience.

Mobile Digital Signage Uses.

1. Screens and digital signage have revolutionized how schools share important news and information to its faculty, students and visitors. Posting of exam dates, changes in time tables and updates can be communicated to everyone concerned by flashing it on digital screens controlled by a software loaded on a central computer.

2. Schedules of movie screenings, theater plays, and even games can be advertised to the public through the use of taxi cab digital signage. And who could miss something like that when millions of people traverse the road every single day?

3. When watching team sports, scores and other announcements can be displayed to the crowd using digital signage.

4. Digital screens are also particularly helpful in the field of teaching. It can be most useful especially in courses such as design technology and science. Most instructors find it easier to teach and impart complex techniques and concepts when they have a medium to display their visual aids.

Other Known Applications of Mobile Digital Signage.

  • Advertising—enhancing the consumers’ shopping experience through product promotions
  • Giving Direction—can direct people to the exact location they are heading for
  • Corporate Communications—as a way to display corporate messaging, official announcements and even employee recognitions
  • Public Information—display pertinent data that is applicable to the public like traffic situation, news, time and date, and current weather conditions
  • Menu Information—applicable mostly in restaurants and shopping stores where consumers can check for relevant information regarding a product or menu they are interested in. For example; pricing, nutritional content, ingredients etc.

The convenience of managing mobile digital signage trumps traditional media. With digital signage, you can update and manage your marketing message as often as you require from a single location. If you are interested to know more as to how mobile digital signage can help improve your business, start finding a reputable company that distributes quality software for digital signage to assist you with your needs.

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