Mobile Digital Signage – Advertising On the Move!

By | November 30, 2011

Mobile digital signage – the new technology

Mobile digital signage is a progressive media, which is catching on quickly, as advertisers are always looking for new and innovative ways to utilize any available space on which to promote a service or product.

Mobile digital signage options.

mobile digital signage

There are many options for displaying mobile digital signage, such as a person walking through a shopping mall wearing a digital signage vest – powered by a battery, which requires re-charging every few hours, but when combined with a much needed break, is a convenient way of covering a wide area which can potentially attract thousands of people to view the product or service.

A stage up from this, whilst continuing to be mobile digital signage, is to use a bicycle.  This form of transport can cover greater distances, continually promoting and advertising a single article of merchandise, or alternatively any number of products/merchandise or services on software which can be looped to incorporate all the sponsored advertisers in a consecutive order. Again the mobile digital signage battery requires recharging.

Mounting mobile digital signage.

Another way to mount the mobile digital signage is to install a digital poster, digital menu board or similar display screen onto a moving vehicle, such as a lorry, truck or bus.  This really is a novel form of mobile digital signage as it is an unknown quantity, due to its infancy within the industry.  However its potential to reach customers is huge – vehicles are mobile every day and night and if the advertising campaign is structured correctly, then millions of prospective customers will be targeted, which is the aim of every advertising agency.  Certain laws and conditions of use must be considered, as it can be distracting and therefore dangerous to other road users and pedestrians, but these issues can be overcome and increase productivity of the mobile digital signage.

Taking into consideration the journey of particular vehicles, some may be more appropriate than others, for example mobile digital signage is more suitable on a bus which travels through towns and cities, whilst lorries and truck transportation is networked across country, via the highways and advertising to passengers in passing cars and other heavy duty means of transports. There is no need to stop for re-charging these batteries, as it is continually being recharged via the engine.

As with all of these means of mobile digital signage, updating the content is reasonably easy, either by way of a wireless network – using 3G or similar provider, or alternatively inserting a memory stick into the media player located within the unit.

This subject of mobile digital signage is a fast growing and innovative form of modern advertising and will be increasing significantly over the next few years.

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