Mission Impossible? Not For LCD Enclosures Global.

By | September 10, 2009

When Graham Gallagher, owner of LCD Enclosures Global, received a call from a US digital signage integrator for an urgent project in Nebraska, USA, he checked with his production manager and confirmed that the 42 units could be manufactured and delivered to the USA in just 3 weeks. This was essential, as the project was on a penalty clause should it be late.

The units were to work in extreme temperatures from -10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so a special cooling and heating solution was installed in all the TV enclosures.

Being the only 1 out of 3 companies to quote, as the other two so-called “manufacturers” of LCD enclosures (including a manufacturer in the USA), told the signage integrator that it could not be done. One UK company based in Birmingham UK, told the customer it was “impossible for them to deliver in such a tight time frame – and they were sure no one else could either”. A few days later, LCD Enclosures Global won the order and production started.

Production was run on a 2 shift system both running for 8 hours per shift and the manufacturing team stepped up to the plate and delivered what they promised, unlike the other companies who were asked to quote – running away with their tail between their legs, due to the tight manufacturing time.

From receipt of order to the 42 units being delivered to the customers door in the USA took only 2 ½ weeks, proving LCD Enclosures Global are the worlds premier manufacturer of enclosures that are used in outdoor digital signage.

No matter if you are after 1 LCD enclosure or 100 LCD enclosures, LCD Enclosures Global should be your first call – anything else is a compromise.

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