Medicare and Behavioural Health Hospitals

By | January 17, 2017

Medicare is a government run health insurance program which you pay into and provides health cover under each separate plan for young people to seniors with end-stage renal failure.

What plans work best for mental health patients?

That question can easily be answered, if someone is an inpatient plan A is needed, alternatively if they are an outpatient plan B is used under the Medicare program.

Participating psychiatric hospitals in the Medicare program.

All the psychiatric hospitals who take part in the program undergo an audit, this is to ensure the hospital follows specific guidelines and use specific Current Procedure Terminology set out by Medicare.

Medicare Audit of a mental health hospital.

Sometimes mental health hospitals are caught out with the inspections, some can be an on the spot inspection in which case all the relevant patient areas are free from any self-harming opportunity. This includes ligature resistant toilets, curtain rails, ligature resistant TV enclosure and door handles.
Failing an audit can be trying, as Medicare will the facility a couple of weeks to rectify the issues found in the audit. If they do not rectify the issues, the hospital can be removed from the Medicare program resulting in a massive financial loss for the health care facility.

ProEnc are experts helping hospital facilities in this such situation.

ProEnc are a manufacturer of ligature resistant TV enclosures, their solutions range from TVs in the following sizes 17” to 65”. With being a manufacturer, we can provide a solution in just less than 3 weeks anywhere in the world, that’s providing it’s not a stock item.

medicare Suicide Resistant TV Enclosure

As you can appreciate, when planning and designing a mental health facility, the anti-ligature aspect is foremost for patient safety.

The solution ProEnc offer is a solid one piece design, no add on, that have to be bolted (these solutions are just an afterthought, poorly designed and usually made from plastic. Who produces something in plastic knowing it’s going in a high risk area?

With over 9 years supplying hospitals across the world, ProEnc have the experience working with the US health care facilities, UK NHS and Australian Health, taking the guess work out of selecting a supplier for the hospitals to partner with.

If you want to discuss your requirements call us on (862) 234-5981 or for more information on our suicide resistant TV enclosure for a Medicare facility visit