Measuring LCD Screen Sizes – Digital Signage

By | September 12, 2011

Knowing LCD screen sizes

This may sound rather basic, however to many people entering the digital signage market, they may not have come into contact with LCD screens before, so let us explain how these are measured.

The main part of any digital signage solution is the display, if it is wrong the campaign could fail before it even begins.

LCD screen sizes can vary.

The easiest way to measure an LCD screen is to take the top screen size (inside the black border or bezel) on the top left hand side to the bottom right hand side, this could be classed as the inner size. If you measure the outer size you will have the wrong size.

Now with the black border/bezels becoming narrower, the LCD screens themselves are becoming more compact making them ideal for digital signage.

Well you may think that this is not important, however if you are deploying outdoor digital signage you will need an outdoor digital signage enclosure, these are anti vandal, protective, steel cases that also are equipped with internal cooling and heating (as an extra option), to make sure the digital signage hardware is kept in the correct environment.

Now knowing the screen size of the screens used is essential when looking for an LCD enclosure, as the last thing you need on site is when all the digital signage components are on site and you find that the LCD enclosure is too big or small for the LCD screen because the screen has been measured incorrectly.

LCD screen

This is why outdoor digital signage is spreading in most outdoor areas, such as tube stations, coach stops especially when there is high foot traffic, as advertisers see this is a niche area to target passengers and can be used effectively especially when there are transport delays, restaurants could advertise meal deals so travelers are not hungry as well as helping with killing time, otherwise called “time warping”

As you can see, getting the screen size is essential when these screens are going into an LCD enclosure or outdoor digital signage enclosure.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited manufacture a range of LCD enclosures as well as outdoor digital signage enclosures for most sizes of LCD screen.