McDonald’s server up Interactive Digital Signage.

By | November 19, 2009

In one McDonald’s restaurant they have incorporated content managed digital signs. If this pilot is successful this solution could be deployed throughout the McDonalds throughout America.

The management at the pilot restaurant wanted to offer their customers a Las Vegas feel and realised that their current way of displaying their menu could not compete.

The digital signage solution.
This incorporated eight 15 inch LCD displays set end to end on a ceiling overhang above the checkouts that greet the customers. Then in the dining areas 42 inch displays have been deployed these show action sports mixed with McDonalds ads. This is easily achievable by splitting the screen with the video playing in the largest section, on the left of the display a scrolling text invite customers to text short codes from cell phones to change the video.

In the children’s play area a large touch screen display is used that shows cartoons and promotional videos, children can use the touch screen LCD to select the cartoons they want to watch. The display is fitted with a camera that is useful for birthday parties as the cartoons are stopped and the birthday boy or girl can see themselves on the large screen.

The communications hub is the tiny office, looking more like a server room with several of the servers being required for the CPU of the digital signage system.

Outside two large 6 feet x 12 feet digital signs hang below the golden arches, hung back to back these displays play the content that is played in store.

Interactive digital signage at McDonalds is in it’s infancy when it is proven it will be rolled out throughout the group.

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