Madagascar Protected By LCD Enclosure Global

By | March 24, 2010

Remember the Disney movie Madagascar? Remember the likable penguin characters – Rico, Private, Kowalski and Sarg? Well these penguins are based in a New York Zoo and this is where our project started.

The World Conservation Society owns the Bronx Zoo, they invest heavily into educating people about the animals that are in decline throughout the world and to help them in this education process they use outdoor digital signage.

They had a recent requirement where they deployed touch screen kiosks and this was rolled out, however they wanted to use a large 52” LCD screen to give visitors information for the penguin section, here they worked closely with LCD Enclosure Global to create a solution that can also store a media player that could be accessed easily without opening the enclosure and disturbing the penguins, whilst making sure the outdoor digital signage solution was protected from the elements.

LCD Enclosure Global came up with a solution for the enclosure that accommodated both the screen and the media player, with an access hatch so that essential updates could be carried out in the future.

The LCD enclosure also featured an inbuilt screen mount that had a maximum VESA pattern of 800 x 400, as well as a thermostatically controlled heating and cooling system, the screen was viewed through an anti glare and UV protected viewing window manufactured from shatterproof, toughened glass.

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