Looking for Piece of Mind When Installing a Non Ligature TV Enclosure?

By | January 19, 2017

Reassuring health and safety requirements provided by a non ligature TV enclosure.

How installing televisions, complete with specific non ligature TV enclosures, provides the safety and practicality you would expect from the worlds leading manufacturer and provider of TV housing units.

Mental health amenities have significantly improved over the years from dark scary places – they are now places are sanctuary, assistance, solace and where patients can be confident of safety. Something so taken for granted, such as a TV set, is a very high risk for self harm, abuse and deliberate intentional death. Whilst TV is an inherent part of our ordinary lives, for many reasons, there is also a place in institutions: enlightening, information and amusement and as the appearance of broadcasting changes, so do screens and their sizes – flat screen LCD, LED and plasma TV’s have superseded the old CRT (cathode ray tube – remember when you knew your parents TV was coming to an end? Yes, the picture was turning green, as the tube needed replacing…) There’s none of that now, in our ‘throw away’ society, we have no responsible ethics about making a repair – one reason being out of our control, as parts are no longer acquirable to replace the defective ones.

Consider just how dangerous can a TV be.  Non ligature TV enclosures are designed to house a television, without being intrusive to the visual or audio quality. A television, even a small model can be deadly if thrown at a person or a fragment of glass is a lethal as a blade. Mental health characteristics can take on many characteristics, including emotional upset, hostility, physical and volatile outbursts. Then there is the danger of the cable, often used as a ligature for self harm, as with the internal wiring and electrical components, which can be swallowed for intentional trauma.

Prevention is preferable than cure: for the extra expenditure of non ligature TV enclosures, the pressure is off and gives piece of mind to everyone with responsibility at the facility. There is no unauthorized access to the TV itself, as the only way in is via the expert locks – not the standardized locks fitted to similar, but inferior enclosures. Each lcdtvenclosure.com enclosure is intentionally designed to resist a great measure of force being delivered to it – including the steel body and the poly-carbonate viewing window (as acrylic and glass shatters). This can be seen in the following video which proves, with out a doubt, the consequence of an inferior plastic enclosure.

Non Ligature TV Enclosure

If it is considered as an investment to protect a TV set, then the additional cost can be condoned – not only will it defend the television from harming patients, visitors and staff, but also diminish faults and damage to the set; reducing downtime to a minimal, as there will be no repairs or replacement needed.

For the best proposal and pricing on a non ligature TV enclosure, contact lcdtvenclosure.com, as the company are specified by architects and government bodies, including; mental health facilities, prisons, and detention centers on (862) 234 5981