Looking for a 22” LCD Stainless Steel Enclosure?

By | May 16, 2017

22” LCD stainless steel enclosure for medical, food and bacteria-free areas.

What do you do if you need an LCD screen in a hazardous area? Screens are used for displaying and collecting information in food preparation factories and cross contamination areas like medical facilities, but screens are notoriously difficult to keep clean and have many joints, gaps and crevasses which can harbour germs and bacteria. The most obvious answer is to enclose it in some sort of box/case/plastic wrap or cover, however there is a particular model of LCD enclosure on the market.

22 lcd stainless steel enclosure

This was designed, manufactured and sold by lcdtvenclosure.com, who have supplied enclosures to US federal authorities and renowned architects for harsh, dangerous and hygiene controlled environments. The sleek design suits many surroundings, as the stainless finish can be modified to blend in: brushed stainless, polished stainless or a matt finish are usually the most appropriate. As you would expect, the hinges are concealed within the frame of the enclosure, which dramatically reduces harboring bacterium.

Antimicrobial TV enclosure.

As the smooth surface is made from stainless steel, rather than mild steel, it makes it a lot easier to wipe down with an antibacterial cleaner. There is an alternative, if stainless is not necessary or the budget will not allow – a mild steel enclosure can be coated in a microbial paint, but when damaged paint can chip, therefore allow bugs and micro-organisms to breed and multiply. As there are no extra components on the outside of an enclosure, this reduces apertures which trap dirt.

Wall mounting, flush to the surface, is an ideal location as there is limited space for dust and particles to collect – if a ceiling mount were used, it would create an exposed pole from the ceiling to the enclosure where microbes and pathogens can live. Whilst in-depth cleaning of the area is carried out frequently, any ‘short-cuts’ or avoidance of ‘extra’ cleaning is a great idea. Looking at it from a food industry point of view; nobody wants a piece of greasy dirt dropping from a screen, right into their pre-packed convenience meal, from an LCD screen in a food factory!

Dust, air borne particles, germs and other forms of bacteria simply must not be present in the pharmaceutical industry either; any cross contamination can be disastrous and actually kill someone. The health risks and financial implications are enough to seriously consider enclosing an LCD screen in a stainless steel enclosure – this will guarantee a safe and hygienic environment.

The most asked for size, for an LCD stainless steel enclosure, is 22” (inches), with the screen being measured from the bottom left hand corner and diagonally across to the top right hand corner. This size seems to suit many factory floors, quarantine quarters and food prep areas.

Visit the website: https://www.lcdtvenclosure.com or call (862) 234 5981 and we’ll be pleased to quote for your project. So, if you are looking for a 22” LCD stainless steel enclosure, then look no further – you’ve found the best.