Location based digital signage solutions

By | June 19, 2013

Location Based Digital Signage

There are several advantages of the Location based digital signage solutions. As the name of this method indicates, this is a digital signage solution that is based on the location of the digital signs. A particular kind of digital sign cannot be used in any situation. There are some detrimental factors that could play a role in preventing the use of a particular kind of digital sign in certain situations. For example, the wall mounted posters can be used in certain situations and these cannot be used in other situations and locations. So, based on the need and also based on the availability of certain provisions, digital signs are put up in various locations.

location based digital signage

The different aspects of location based digital signage solution.

1. What is it all about? The location plays a very important role in the usefulness and the success of a particular digital sign. This can be easily explained by a simple example. If a small poster sized digital sign is used in the airport by fixing it on a large wall, then the benefit that is derived out of this digital sign will be very less. In fact, it will be utterly useless. On the other hand, if a large video wall digital signage is used on the airport wall, then it will be very useful because a lot of people will be able to look at it. This is what the location based digital signage is all about. The location of the digital sign is a very important factor that needs to be taken into consideration before a particular type of digital sign is installed in a place. This will help in getting the best out of the digital sign. It will also make the digital sign cost effective and beneficial to the advertiser.

2. Other types of Location based digital signage: There are various other locations where different digital signs are used. For example, in a restaurant, there is a particular kind of digital sign being used. In a university, different methods of digital signs can be used. The purpose of the digital sign in both the places is the same. The restaurant wants to provide information about the menu to the clients. In the educational institutions, the digital signs provide information to the students. The Location based digital signage plays a role here because the type of digital sign used and the location of the digital sign will vary based of the situation and the context in which the digital sign is used.

3. The wall mounted digital poster and other digital signs: The wall mounted digital poster or the floor standing digital poster can be used based on the situation. If the people who are in a particular area are sitting and may look up at the wall, then the wall mounted poster would be beneficial. This is the kind of posters that are used in airports. On the other hand, the floor standing signs are used in most other situations. The other kind of Location based digital signage technology that can be used is the tablet App.

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