Ligature Resistant TV Enclosures – Infographic

By | April 22, 2016

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV enclosures.

ProEnc know a thing or two about ligature resistant TV enclosures, having supplied them to over 100 facilities across the USA and Canada.

Their 4 sided patent pending design is designed so no material can be looped round the housing. As you can imagine when you have only 1 sloped side, you can loop the material around the housing and you jam the material into the aluminum frame that the plast fits into – not our design! As our design is made to last a lifetime!

Even when the protective housing is attacked with chairs, the steel housing still withstands the attack, but when you compare this to a competitors unit, it just falls apart.

suicide resistant sloped tv enclosure comparisonSo do you buy a product to last a lifetime or buy a product that will need replacing after the very first attack? The odd thing is, the plastic enclosure is more expensive than the ProEnc steel enclosure!

Check out ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV enclosures infographic below.

ligature resistant tv enclosures

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