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By | January 25, 2022

Since 2012 Proencs have been manufacturing ligature resistant protective TV enclosure units, which is also known as the NL Range.

Proenc’s Ligature Resistant Protective TV Enclosure.

Proenc developed their NL range with a consulting architect who advised the Joint Commission on products that prevent ligature. Proenc’s enclosures also prevent damage to the facilities televisions, and at the same time providing an aesthetically pleasing unit that is completely functional. 

ligature resistant protective tv enclosure

Proenc’s intention was to design something that deters ligature opportunities, protects patients and looks good.

Ligature Resistant – Designed to deter ligature.

The NL range are a range of protective housings that are surface mounted on internal walls within a behavioral unit and is constructed from industrial-strength steel. Fully welded for maximum strength and rigidity. The four sloped sides averts ligature/looping material over the entire unit. With the 3/8″ inch thick optical grade Polycarbonate prevents damage to the TV screen whilst maintaining crystal clear, optimal viewing.

The radiused corners are a crucial safety feature but also lend to the overall elegant design.

Proenc’s TV Enclosure is available in TV screen sizes from 17 to 75 inches, and are all stock items for this fast moving industry. With their enclosures completing encasing the TV, this solutiuon offers the most overall protection to the TV and patients who may try to self-harm on the units. As all cables enter the enclosure via the rear of the steel enclosure.


Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

Proenc’s enclosures include one high capacity fan unit that is thermostatically controlled and provides 4 time the air circulation that a simila rsized USB powered fan unit. 



NL Range



Product Description.

The NL range of Ligature-Resistant TV Enclosure is a specially designed enclosure for televisions in behavioral healthcare and correctional environments for surface mounting to walls.

Every unit is manufactured to the latest production and quality requirements. Available in sizes from 17 to 75 inch TV screens (as well as custom sizes), the NL range can be modified to meet any facility requirements. The enclosure is manufactured from heavy gauge, sheet steel and Polycarbonate. Its rounded corners provide for an aethetically pleasing unit as well as a crucial safety feature.

The NL range allows for all cables to enter the enclosure through the rear of the housing, preventing surface mounted cables that will provide a ligature point.

All NL enclosures include one high capacity thermostatically controlled fan unit, a standard VESA TV mounting bracket  and the units are secured with security locks as standard.

ligature resistant protective TV enclosures tv enclosures

Technical resources.

Click here for the Video link to installation.

Click here for the NL range data sheet. 

Click here for the installation instructions.

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