LCD TV enclosures for Psychiatric Units

By | April 8, 2010

An outdoor digital signage enclosure is not the correct solution for protecting an LCD television in a psychiatric unit, discover more here.

An outdoor digital signage enclosure is perfect for protecting a TV outdoors when used for dynamic, digital advertising; this is down to the design and day to day functionality needed to run the digital signage network. But when the same unit is used in a psychiatric unit, you could have a big problem.

LCD Enclosure Global has been working closely with the US Federal Mental Health department for a period of 3 months developing an LCD enclosure that is “perfect” for protecting the display as well as protecting the patients from self harm.

The problem a contractor has, is that if they do not understand the potential risk of self harm they could be ignoring their “duty of care” and this can be both expensive and unprofessional.

Imagine the ramifications if a contractor installs the wrong enclosure and a patient harms themselves, this will firstly demonstrate that the contractor has little if any experience providing a solution for psychiatric units and imagine the litigation costs involved.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is designed to protect digital signage and TV displays outside, not in a psychiatric unit.

A non loop or anti loop LCD enclosure is specifically designed and manufactured to have no edges that can facilitate a patient tying any material around the enclosure and hanging themselves, these units also have no sharp edges, all edges have a 10mm radius, so patients cannot damage themselves.

When a contractor is asked for these specific enclosures and does not know what they are doing and supplies a standard digital signage enclosure (which is a common mistake of contractors who are new to psychiatric units), this will cost the contractor anything up to $5 million should a patient harm themselves on the enclosure, these contractors need to be educated, a small minority are only interested in the lowest price, this sometimes is not the right philosophy, as the cheapest isn’t always the best.

As well as the potential costs incurred, I know for one that I could not live with myself if a solution  I had supplied had resulted in someone’s death.

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