LCD TV’s on Factory Floors.

By | November 13, 2009

The first question you may ask is why? Well with the affordability of new technology displays such as LCD and plasma televisions, it makes marketing or showcasing their products much easier.

One company in Texas needed two flat panel televisions positioned in a factory environment, they manufactured dairy produce, however the issue was that the factory floor was flooded at the end of every shift, so wall mounting an unprotected LCD television was not an option.

Due to the death of the CRT display, LCD and plasma displays are very common and the sales for this type of television is now outstripping demand. The problem with all flat panel displays is that they are designed and manufactured for home use only.

There were two main problems to address in the dairy, firstly the air bourn dust from the cattle and the second problem is protecting the display from water. So LCD Enclosure Global offered a solution for the shop floor digital signage and the solution was for enclosing the LCD. This solved the problems provided the maximum protection from the hazards.

LCD Enclosure Global went on to supply their sister company in Israel with the same solution. The solution included filters that filter out any air bourn particles of dust, these filters should be cleaned every 2 or three months for optimum efficiency.
The enclosure uses a positive pressure system that allows air to enter the enclosure through the filter and the dust is filtered out. When the customer started using LCD’s in factory settings they realised the enclosures were perfect for the application.

As far as internal temperatures are concerned, these were taken care of by thermostats, one for the heater and one for the fan unit, so no matter if it was too hot or cold, the solution was there and the LCD enclosure has been rolled out at other plants related to the original company throughout the world.

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