LCD Menu Board – The QSR Line Mover

By | December 9, 2011

LCD menu board for more efficient customer experience.

An LCD menu board improves the customer experience in any Quick Serve Restaurant that deploys them, resulting in quicker service whilst using the LCD menu board to reduce queue times.

How does an LCD menu board work?

These digital LCD menu board solutions are used to advertise the menu items to customers, using high definition images with bright, clean text that describes the food and the dietary values of each item.

The LCD menu board can be purchased in either USB or network enabled mode, this is basically the ability and convenience of updating the digital advertising content using the internet or by a member of staff. This will depend on the number of LCD menu boards you intend on deploying and how you intend on updating the content on the LCD menu board system within the restaurant.

Compare an LCD menu board to a static menu

LCD menu board

The LCD menu board has increased in demand due to the ease of use and the ability to update the content within minutes, rather than incurring huge printing costs. The LCD menu board shows the level of advancement in the quick serve restaurant industry, as previously fast food restaurant owners had been satisfied with the old light box and the printed menus that they displayed, however the challenge is how can a fast food restaurant update their menu and include the dietary values for each product quickly with minimal investment, this is how the LCD menu board has dominated the QSR market and now this is what separates a fast food outlet from a Quick Serve Restaurant, as the QSR will offer a sleeker more professional experience for the consumer, whilst reducing waiting time in line.

The issues with the printed menu is that over time the menu fades and daily specials cannot be easily added unless they are hand written – not very professional. This limits the sales opportunities that the QSR’s have cornered, as they can ad a daily special based on local available produce and put a special up on the LCD menu board in less then 5 minutes.

Customer winning LCD menu board.

The technology used in the LCD menu board displays the highly visual menu promotion, with attractive images of the food, so tempting consumers to make a buying decision, this in turn reduces the wait time as customers in the queue do not have to stare at a menu and try to make out the food offered as the menu is much clearer and allows the consumer to try different food items, rather than stick to the same old menu.

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