Protective Digital Signage Enclosures

Digital signage enclosures.

There are many applications where digital signage enclosure fit the bill, whether it is at a soccer stadium, shopping mall or transport station; they are useful, informative and frankly entertaining. Ok so they don’t play the latest block buster movie, but the content is innovative, interesting and usually relevant to your circumstance. One benefit is that they are often interactive via a touch screen application, which allows the customer to connect with a service. This is often the case with way-finding digital signage screens; in lobbies, hospitals or education facilities.

Uses for outdoor protective TV housings.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures are used by:

  • Hotels
  • Educational facilities
  • Theme parks
  • Hospitals
  • Factories

Protective display housing

Placing the expensive kit and hardware of digital signage within the protectiveness of an enclosure, not only prolongs the lifespan of the screen, but also protects your investment. Why should a vandal smash the screen and cause damage and inconvenience to your investment and advertising campaign? Not only does an digital signage enclosure protect from accidental or deliberate damage, but also from water, dust or chemical damage. As there are many sites which use visual displays and digital signage, prevention is better than cure. A substantial fan and filter is fitted within the housing unit to eliminate dust, sand or other foreign particles damaging the air circulation system and a thermostatically controlled heater and/or cooler is also mounted within the interior. This is particularly useful for digital signage screens which are located outside, all year round, as the lowest temperature in Alaska or the maximum temperature in Arizona can be controlled without the excessive cold/heat affecting the working of the screen. The protective display housing allows a full clear view of the content playing inside the steel box and is fully accessible to the owner to change, adapt or renew the content. This can be carried out via the internet (hard wired or wireless) or by inserting a USB into the drive.

Indoor digital signage protection.

Many LCD screens are protected outside a mall, airport or sports stadium; however it is just as beneficial installing indoor digital signage protection to guard against accidents, smashed screens and theft of the hardware. Most of the time security cameras are scanning public areas, but there is the inevitable window of opportunity for a thief or vandal to wreak havoc on the screens. By installing the display screens within a safe housing unit, down time is eliminated so the advertisement can earn its maximum potential without interruption.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures.

The second category of digital signage protection encompasses other elements of damage which can interfere with an ad campaign. As mentioned before, temperature and liquids have a detrimental effect upon the electrical components, rendering the screens useless, so by fully enclosing them in a metal shelter, eradicates unnecessary repairs or replacements of parts or the screen. Security observation is not always as easy outdoors as it is indoors, as parts of the area can be obscured by trees, vehicles or buildings. Protection is also included for the electrical wiring against damage from vermin and birds nesting within the warmth of the components. Protection is sensible and more cost effective than repairing or replacing – financially, logistically and physically. It may be an additional add-on to the initial costs, but weighing it up against lost business (cancelled ad campaigns as an example) is a small, one-off price to pay.

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