LCD Enclosures Used To Protect Flat Panel Screens In Jails

By | September 17, 2010

Protecting large flat panel screens is paramount in vulnerable areas, this is the reason why jails are turning towards LCD enclosures to provide the relevant protection needed to safeguard the electronic hardware.

Once a criminal has been sentenced and then sent to jail, they are processed once they reach the jail, now this can be a common formality for career criminals, but for the first time offender this can be very daunting. With most countries having a cosmopolitan mix of people they have to be able to provide the processing procedure in many different languages, so that everyone understands what they can do and what they can’t do without any exceptions.

So how is this information provided to the recent detainees?

The information is provided through a media player that is connected to a large format screen, sometimes up to 60”, this is viewed in a holding area when they arrive at the jail, as you can imagine if they do not understand the language they could feel intimidated, frustrated and this could very easily turn to rage, resulting in the LCD screen being smashed.

The screens used are standard grade screens that you would see in the home, so they do need protecting, this is why jails are investing in large monitor enclosures, a protective LCD enclosure is a robust piece of equipment that prevent unauthorised access, no matter if a chair is thrown at the screen or the unit is hit with a baseball bat, the enclosures electronic hardware will be protected in a micro climate.

Due to the high temperatures that the media players and computers run at inside the enclosure, each prison LCD enclosure has to be able to provide adequate cooling otherwise the screen will overheat, the liquid crystals will then turn from crystal into liquid and this will result in a black screen and is fatal, this is what happened in the early days, when jails tried to manufacturer their own protective housings. The screens overheated and the monitors had to be replaced.

One company is working very closer with several Federal agencies to provide a standard solution throughout the jails in America, a solution has been deployed in 3 high security jails as a trial.

LCD Enclosure Global have two divisions one for the USA represented on this website and on their other LCD enclosure site represents their European operation, both divisions have lucrative contracts with jails, prisons and correctional facilities for providing a range of protective LCD enclosure.

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