LCD Enclosures Used to Protect Digital Signage Hardware & Home TV’s.

By | July 5, 2011

LCD Enclosures Global Ltd explain

A protective LCD case is to some a steel box, however to integrators of outdoor digital signage, this is the key to a successful installation and now used on the porch too.

These steel LCD enclosures, house the electronics that are associated with both home outdoor cinemas as well as outdoor digital signage. So that can include a media player, a small form factor computer or even a TV set top box (cable box).

Now due to the cost of these electronics the protective LCD enclosures have to be of a high security, it would be pointless in buying these outdoor TV/LCD cabinets is they could be opened with a simple screwdriver, making the internal hardware attractive to potential thieves.

LCD Enclosures solution.

lcd enclosures

We manufacture a solution that is locked with high security locks, as most enclosures on the market are designed for out of reach applications including their own so they are fitted with regular cam locks, these can be easily opened with a screwdriver or even a steel ruler! However before deploying LCD enclosures in the Bronx security was a major issue for our partner so we designed an anti vandal solution that was also very secure.

The solution was a selection of outdoor LCD casing that would house either a plasma or LCD screen in outdoor environments when security is a concern.

LCD Enclosures Global Limited are one of the major manufacturers of LCD enclosures, these LCD enclosures are installed throughout the world.