LCD Enclosures used in Industrial Factories.

By | May 1, 2009

The use of digital signage is a huge asset to a business, these can be used to monitor production down time, show the products they manufacture, however a production line is not the ideal area to put an LCD display. So the most optimum solution for protecting this valuable piece of equipment is in an LCD enclosure, these are specially manufactured cases, that protect the display from dust and fluids that are present on factory floors.

Unprotected, the displays could become the weak link in the production chain and lead to lost production time, which in turn costs money.

The concrete dust from the floor can clog filters and then cause the circuit board to overheat resulting in a display failure. Now there are two routes you can go down for a solution, the first being an industrial LCD or TFT display, you can even get a waterproof LCD television, but they are very expensive.

So there is is solution to protect your LCD or plasma TV and that is a plasma enclosure, similar to the LCD enclosures, but these are slightly deeper due to the added depth of the plasma display. The protective cases are manufactured from robust material such as food quality stainless steel, our LCD enclosure will protect the display from the worst fork truck driver or abusive operator.

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