LCD Enclosures Used For All Types Of Outdoor Protection

By | November 1, 2010

LCD Enclosures Global discuss the use of  LCD housings.

No matter if you are installing LCD enclosures in your backyard or deploying an outdoor digital signage network, the people who are protecting their investment know to put the LCD and plasma screens into an outdoor LCD enclosure.

These housings protect the interior hardware from the harsh, hostile environment they find themselves in, for example in the desert conditions of Texas to cold climates such as ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

LCD Enclosures.

These LCD enclosures offer weatherproof protection enabling the screens and the media player or small PC to be placed in areas that have constant rainfall and they have been used in waterfalls.

With the ability to put these LCD housings in any outdoor location, makes them extremely flexible and cost effective compared to an outdoor TV.

So let us look at the applications that an LCD enclosure from LCD Enclosures Global can help you achieve.

Passenger information – For updating travellers with departure and arrival information and more importantly with possible delays.

lcd enclosuresGas pump toppers – These provide advertising for the convenience store on site to tempt people who are fuelling up into the store to spend money on items they have send on the digital signage.

Taxi top digital signage – These provide an extra income to the taxi company, as well as marketing products to people on the sidewalk.

As you can imagine, the weather plays a major role, if it is a sunny day people will want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so they will see the ads, when it is raining people shelter and then make a run for it to a cab, so they are less receptive to the advertising.

Mobile digital signage is all about putting digital signage on vehicles and providing valuable information to passengers in following vehicles.

Digital signage is used in video walls, with special thin bezel monitors, some bezels are as small as ¼” these provide a seamless image that is split between the LCD screens when viewed from a distance.

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