LCD enclosures now offering protection on factory floors

By | May 14, 2010

An LCD enclosure can be used for many applications from protection thousands of dollars worth of digital signage hardware to protecting factory information systems.

When anyone or any company wants to deploy large screens in unconventional areas such as factory floors to provide information for staff and visitors alike, they need to protect the hardware and the easiest, most cost effective solution is an LCD enclosure.

Now the units are available in mild steel then powder coated black for general manufacturing environments, however when the enclosures are being deployed into factory environments where there is water present normally in pharmaceutical and food production areas a stainless steel LCD enclosure is required, this comes with the bleaches and chemicals that are used during the wash down process at the end of the production shift.

Some units can even house two screens in a back to back formation for mounting from gantries for displaying production information in isles so any manager can see at a glance if there is a problem with production in their section. These come with two internal mounting frames that the televisions mount on with the facility to mount a thin client or small factor PC in between the screens, so that everything is stored in one protective unit.

double screen TV enclosure

Cable access is through waterproof cable glands to IP68 (European water ingress standard) or NEMA 4X (USA standard).

The viewing window is specially manufactured with an anti glare, none reflective surface so the screen is visible at almost any angle.

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