LCD Enclosures & Innovations in the Digital Signage Industry

By | January 4, 2010

When you are working with a cutting edge technology such as digital signage, the changing face of the industry is one thing to think of, what innovations will make business easier or better.

Now we can look at some of the innovations in the digital signage market from the outdoor LCD enclosure through to the “Sensor Talk”, these innovating products will help change the way digital signage is used in the future.

Sensor Talk.
One of the main challenges with digital signage is how to different than the other solutions you see in airports and other transportation hubs, one unique innovation is the use of Sensor Talk.

Ok what does this do? Simply it allows digital signage integrators the ability to deploy digital signs in locations that are only running ads when ever some one is “in range”, saving the business money whilst using less energy to power it when it is not needed. This unit has an inbuilt PIR that detects movement over a 1.3 metre range on a 60 degree angle, once movement is detected it plays the pre-recorded message or linked to a digital display will play the media content installed on it, immediately grabbing the consumers attention.

What next?
With dynamic advertising being deployed in more and more locations, the indoor locations have been saturated; so many organisations are looking too outdoor locations to capture the attention of the consumer.

2010 World Cup – What to look out for.
Now dynamic signage will be used at many venues during the FIFA 2010 World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa. But not limited to South Africa as many bars and pubs are looking to deploy large outdoor televisions, so people can watch the games whilst having a drink or a meal, boosting revenue for the pub and bars.

Many of the bars are deploying outdoor televisions to keep consumers engaged with the game as well as marketing to them, for example one UK pub chain has created a range of cocktails based on famous English footballers, these will be marketed throughout the tournament by the television displays, and offering two-for-one offers (buy 2 and only pay for 1).

LCD Enclosure Global are the worlds leading manufacturer of outdoor TV boxes that have been deployed for the FIFA 2010 World Cup tournament at several bars and pubs chains.
If your pub or bar wants to deploy a TV outdoors call the Worlds leader on 888-460-3573 (USA enquiries) or +44 844 3578687 (European enquiries).