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By | May 12, 2009

You have read about digital signage and even have seen one. On your way to work, while taing a ride in a taxi, and even while savoring your lunch – not once but even twice have you stop over a digital signage and even took time to finish one fast advertisement. One cannot even deny the power of this type of medium – it is efficient and effective in every way. Perhaps you are contemplating why you don’t have this at your own office. You know that digital signage is the way to go so why are you being left behind. Because of the sophistication of this type of medium one might immediately think of the cost of the installation and even maintaining it. In fact, those who had used digital signage have proven and are ready to testify that compared to the benefits that they experience the cost of putting up one is trivial and insignificant.

First, let’s face it, dynamic advertising is an innovation in advertising and promotion strategies. A company operating in a dynamic industry requires, in order to stay ahead of competition, a medium to keep one’s customers informed and their employees motivated. Doing both would be tedious and costly. A department store that launches everyday product discounts, bonuses, and on-the-spot promotions would require the fastest medium that could accommodate these changes. A real estate company who keeps tab of their sales force and those who had managed to foster a friendly competition within that sales force is required to maintain a dynamic and efficient medium to have the latest development in their sales posted. A dynamic company definitely requires a dynamic medium that is able to accommodate these changes and digital signage is one’s best bet on that.

Second, ever think of a cost-saving medium to keep your employees posted and at the same time would enable you to increase revenues? Digital signage is the most efficient information-dissemination medium that could always keep your employees posted on announcements and memos that requires their immediate attention. No more printing and paper expense – just by providing your maintenance guy with the latest material one could immediately disseminate news and information among your employees. One of the best things about digital signage is that you could lease an advertising time to complementary businesses that you think your employees could take interest on. With having to show a local product or service that your employees may benefit from, you could actually realize revenues from digital advertising. From this alone, you will save on paper and printing expenses and at the same time generate revenue from complementary businesses in your local community.

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