LCD Enclosures Global Launch Interactive Enclosure

By | April 6, 2010

LCD Enclosure Global have developed and launched an interactive LCD enclosure, this allows organisations to deploy outdoor digital signage solutions any where irrelevant of the weather or vandal risk.

The enclosures are manufactured from solid steel, of a heavy gauge that is then fully welded for maximum strength and rigidity.

Using the state of the art “through window touch technology”, the only LCD enclosure manufacturer in the world to offer this solution. This solution allows users to engage with the digital signage and now there is no restriction where a digital sign can be installed.

Each enclosure offers IP65 or NEMA 4X protection, depending which country you are from and will accommodate screens from 17” to 82” along with a media player.

Custom or Bespoke Solutions?
Yes, sure – you name it and if it can be done, we will do it!

With being a manufacturer they can custom produce the “ideal” solution for any requirement, see the examples below that separate them from their competitors.

The enclosure can feature a remote controller, so for example in a prison environment the guard only needs one remote control to switch all the televisions off, the controller used is state of the art and has a range of over 200 metres, ideal for a controlled environment.

One UK pub chain wanted to deploy outdoor TV systems for the World Cup, however one of the concerns was the audio quality, this was resolved by the development of a set of stereo speakers (external grade), this is installed inside the enclosure providing an excellent sound system that simply plugs into the displays rear connectors for optimum sound quality.

For More details on how LCD Enclosure Global can help you with your project, contact them on 888-460-3573 (toll free).

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

“Manufactured in the UK – Supported in USA & Australia”