LCD Enclosures for Shop Floor Digital Signage

By | October 21, 2011

LCD Enclosures Global Ltd explain.

Protecting the screen and hardware of an LCD digital signage package with an enclosure, is vital to ensuring its productivity.  Having spent a significant amount on all the components, one accidental incident to the screen can render the whole thing useless.  An LCD enclosure is a specifically designed metal box, with a viewing window which allows digital signage from a media player to be played as; information, data collection or entertainment.

Factory digital signage protection – LCD enclosures.

Most factory floors will run infomercials for its staff, in the forms of productivity targets, data collection statistics or health and safety notices.  All of which can be created as a highly visual animated video format and may also include audio, though this depends on the background noise level.  Clever content development is fundamental to a successful campaign.

LCD enclosures used in car parks, shopping malls and in factories.

lcd enclosures

LCD enclosures can be supplied in a range of sizes, all of which are measured by taking the measurement of the screen to be installed inside the enclosure – on the diagonal, for example the bottom right hand corner of the screen to the top of the left hand corner gives the size of the screen – not the horizontal measurement from left to right!  The screen is mounted to the back of the LCD enclosures, after the box is installed in situ, i.e. hung from a ceiling mount, fixed to a wall or floor standing.  Installing these LCD enclosures is a relatively simple process and involves drilling into a wall, plugging the hole with suitable rawl plugs and fixing in place with bolts, sometimes it is necessary to use anti-vandal bolts, depending on the location.  Then the screen can be fitted inside the LCD enclosure.  Most modern designs of LCD enclosures feature a removable door, with hinges which can be repositioned; this enables ease of installation of the screen, whilst adding maximum security.  An LCD enclosure comes supplied with weatherproof grommets, through which electrical power cables can be positioned for connection to power.

There are many benefits to installing these LCD enclosures on the shop floor; it keeps workers moral up as they feel they are being kept up to date with information, it acts as a reminder to health and safety issues, helping to reduce accidents and can even display simple information such as the daily menu of the canteen.

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