LCD enclosures for outdoor digital signage solutions.

By | April 14, 2009

LCD enclosures Limited have seen a huge rise in the use of digital signage in the UK and Europe in the past 6 months; previously 99% of their business was from digital signage integrators in America, Asia and Australia. It seems now that Europe is catching up in the technology war, with an estimated rise of 129% of digital signage use in the UK alone this year.

Their LCD enclosures have been independently tested to NEMA 4X and IP66, to provide a waterproof TV enclosure, perfect for outdoor digital signage. Their range of units covers standard LCD displays from 22” up to 70” and the enclosures can be manufactured so that they are assembled in a video wall configuration.

With LCD Enclosures Limited being the only European specialist manufacture of LCD enclosures, they attended the 2009 Screen Media exhibition in London, however they were disappointed as the technology exhibited was several years behind the USA and Asia market, with weather and vandal protection being an issue and the reluctance for advertisers to invest in outdoor signage solutions in hazardous areas. Even plasma tv enclosures were displayed, these are never seen outside of the UK due to the low prices and advancement in technology of LCD displays.

These issues have been ironed out with the US & Asia partners to LCD enclosures Limited and they provide a solution that is vandal and weather proof, perfect for un-manned areas.

LCD Enclosures Limited will be attending the Digital Signage Expo in Germany in May 09 as well as the Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas the same week.

They will have finalised their new unique product that will also be on show – this will take the digital signage market industry by storm! This has been developed in partnership with one of the top computer hardware manufacturers in the world and will fill a gap in the market.

Proving that LCD Enclosures Limited are the only choice in Europe (or the world) for outdoor digital signage and LCD enclosures.

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