LCD Enclosures & Digital Signage

By | July 29, 2009

When trying to futureproof a deployment of outdoor digital signage, you have to bear in mind the potential change in equipment, this could make the project fail if the following is not remembered

  • Is the display going to be bigger than the original?
  • Is the location un-manned?
  • Is the digital sign in an area that is prone to vandalism or theft?

These are all key points to remember when deploying a signage network, what could be a safe area today could be a nightmare in 12 months. If this is the case you may want to consider protecting the digital signage hardware from potential abuse or theft by housing it in an LCD enclosure, these LCD Enclosures provide a safe and secure casing for the delicate electronic even outdoors in temperatures from -20 to 150 F!

This is based on our own experience being a global supplier to America, Australia, Singapore, Asia and of course Europe.